Monday, 22 September 2008

Doggy Ice Cream

We doggies rarely get our baths because the Secretary is afraid that the water will take our natural oils away. But on Sunday morning, her stink-o-meter cried toot-toot! The Secretary jumped out of bed, rolled her pajamas and took these out:

She said she was going to make some doggy ice cream. What???

My brother Jappy looked like a bowl of whipped cream,

Jappy didn't think it was funny.

But the Secretary was unrelenting. She said my brother Moy-Moy would look delectable with some nuts and cherries atop his famous tail.

Oh-oh. Moy wasn't so thrilled either.

I, Trudis, am the only dog around here who appreciates being bathed. It is so refreshing when cold water hits my skin and I especially love it when the Secretary massages my body with soap and shampoo. I tell her to forgive the two droolfus ( Aki, can I borrow the word?), they don't know a thing about beauty.

Aww, my skin is still red all over.

The Secretary spritzed apple cider vinegar solution on my skin after drying me. Its supawsed to sooth my irritated skin but smells icky. The Secretary told me that in some places here in the Philippines people put vinegar on dogs like me because the cookbook says so. What?, I blinked. What did she mean by that??? The Secretary said shhhh and promised to tell me more when I'm old enough to understand. (She probably did not want to scare me). Okay then, on to happier stuff.

This is our breakfast which was served right after our bath.I used to eat three time a day when I was a wee little pup, but now I have two meals in a day, just like by brothers. The new Assistant prepares our meal. It is made of rice and boiled meat. Sometimes we have boiled eggs and tuna too.

He mixes it in and mixes it up, and mumbles some prayers:

"Bless us O, Lord and these thy gifts
which our beloved pets are about to receive
from thy bounty, through Christ
our Lord, Amen"

Before I proceed, I would like to mention an incredulity here. The pet accessories section of Greenwoods Pet Clinic sells an assortment of bowls which I'm sure the Animal Doctor will sell to me at discounted price. Surely, the Secretary can find one befitting a pretty dog like me.

But no, she is a cheapskate who makes us eat on recycled ice cream containers, buhuhu.
(The Secretary's Note: The resident pets of Greenwoods Pet Clinic are already fortunate enough to have a roof over their head, a bowl of water and two meals in a day. I am saving their money for less fortunate dogs which abound in numbers out there.)

Okay, okay, the three of us barked in unison( besides we are already hungry) while our sister, Pussy meowed her agreement.

After our brekkie, I accompanied the Secretary to bring breakfast to these doggies:

She found this doggy guarding a nearby building. The person who tied him there was not thinking, otherwise he could have left bowl of water for this dog to drink!

"Grrr-yum..yum..Grrrr, " said the doggy.
He didnt like us, but he loved the food. I told him not to talk with his mouth full.

This is my friend, Iyoy. She is well known stray dog in our subdivision. Every morning, she knocks on our still closed clinic for her ration of dog food.

Its usually best to cap this flurry of activities with an afternoon siesta.


  1. Hi, Trudis!
    Yummy.... errr.... I mean.... nice baths! You are like me... I love baths but I don't get them as much as I'd love it!
    Your breakfast/dinner looks delicious! I onle get "diet" kibble!
    I need to talk with mom about it!
    You are so nice giving food and water to those doggies who need it!
    God Bless You all!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hello my friend Lorenza,
    Thanks for visiting our blog today. Maybe your Mom thinks you need to lose a few inches around your waist so you'll look more terrific in your beautiful dresses.

    Kisses, Trudis

  3. Baths are not so bad. I got one last weekend and I am still clean and fresh smelling! I think your secretary is right that doggies don't need baths too often. I know I only get a bath maybe 2-3 times a year! And I am not stinky or dirty. American Eskimos have self-cleaning coats, as your secretary probably already knows. Jappy, you are a Japanese Spitz? I think Japanese Spitz, American Eskimos, and Italian Volpinos are probably are relatives, yes?

    Yes, feel free to link to my blog. I would be honored :-)

  4. Hi Hana, this is the Secretary. I already created a link to your blog. I am sooo happy to have you and Casper as friends, especially that American Eskies are somewhat related to my Japanese Spitz doggies. Yes Jappy is a japanese spitz, by the way.

    You are right, the coats of spitz dogs are like non stick pans! Dirt and grime don't stick long in it. I bathe my spitz 3 or 4 times in a year. And people even ask if i do something with their fur, like bleach it? Hehe

    Maraming Salamat ( means Thank you)
    for dropping by our blog.

    kisses, the Secretary

  5. I love those ice cream dog pictures!!

    I don't know what those poor tied-up dogs would do without you. That's so kind of you to take care of them. Maybe they will become friendly with you in time.

    T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

  6. Hi T-man's Mom, it breaks my heart to see dogs tied or locked up in their cages 24/7, their humans forgetting that dogs are living creatures and not alarm systems :(

    Yesterday, I came across a blog post about some foreign artist(Bienale group) whose art exhibit included a live stray dog that was starved to death for the duration of the exhibit.

    It made me feel so bad I could cry. Trudis, Moy and Jappy comforted me with their drooly kisses.

    When we cannot put an end to all cruelty and indifference in this world, it gives a little comfort to remember that we have put an end to some. I hugged my three dogs that night.

    -the animal doc's secretary

  7. ahaha! the secretary, you're pretty funny too - the way you put up words together haha :) ice cream dogs eh? i'm definitely having fun reading your blog :) both informative and entertaining!


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