Monday, 1 September 2008

How I Keep My Teefies Clean

Hiya guys! I feel like blogging today on account of my Cebuana fan, (Aki, can you be my girlfriend?) who dropped a message in our Cbox. She is asking about the oral care products I use. Umm.. err.. Aki, will you not want to kiss me anymore if I tell you that I don't brush my teefies?

My Uncle Dexter is 9 years old and lives with the Secretary's family in Iloilo City.

I don't get that yellow stuff sticking in my uncle Dexter's teefies because I am just a young dog maybe?

So the Animal Doctor tells me to munch on Iam's Small Biscuits. The package promises that the biscuits will "help clean" my teefies and "freshen my breath". These bone shaped goodies sure keep me from getting bored but I have no way of sniffing my own mouth.

These pretend bones are made of rawhide and are edible. Constant chewing and gnawing is supposed to scrape the yellow thingamajig off the teeth but the Animal Doctor warns hoomans: there is a danger of your pets choking from these rawhides! If you must give these to your pets, be sure that you are familiar with their chewing habits, alway supervise them and be sure to throw away the bone when only a small part remains for your dog to chew.

Right now, the Secretary is using C.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste for her senior dogs in Iloilo City. ( I told you the oldies are the ones with the bad teefies). Everynight, the dogs' nanny would brush their teefies with it. So far, so good. I mean, the yellow thingamajigs are fading a bit, but not completely gone. The Secretary is not ecstatic, but given the alternatives out there in the market ( the colored rawhides caused Deedee's liver enzymes to shoot up while real bones give the oldies tummy upset) she'd rather stick with the doggy toothpaste.

This is from the Secretary's wish list:

Petzlife Oral Care Spray and Petzlife Oral Care Gel

Has any dog or kitty used this? The Secretary is not sure if Petzlife is available for sale in my country. The nearest shop to buy it from is in a place called Singapaw or Hongkong.

Aki, maybe you asked about my teefies not because you were interested for Moy-Moy's kisses, but because you worry about your own dog's teefies maybe? The Animal Doctor says you are right in being worried! The yellow thingamajigs are full of bad stuff that can make your doggy sick. But I still want you to be my girlfriend, Sweepy has a hooman girlfriend, alrighty?

( the Animal Doctor's note: the dental plaque has gram positive bacteria that may enter through the lesions in the gums and damaged the heart and kidneys).


  1. I didn’t know that moymoy was a mind reader.. actually, you look really squeakily handsome and clean, I thought you’d be the best pawson to ask for beauty tips.. hihihi.. Coincidentally, Aki is also the name of my 8-month baby brother here in Cebu (I’m from Bacolod btw, so that makes me ilonggo as well). I regularly give him IAMS and dentastix, but it doesn’t seem to really do the trick. He is not that fond of rawhide as well. I’m intrigued about the toothpaste though. Can I possible use that? Just like you, our choices here are also limited. I chanced upon a tooth brush but it was too small for Aki to use. I don’t know if it is also paired with the toothpaste just like what us hoomans use.. hope you can extending a paw on this.  and sure! I can be your girlfriend (or are you just envious of Sweepy? hihihi) Do tell Pussy and Jappy to post once in a while, we love to hear from them too.. Gring Gring, our handsome orange kuring, loves to read Pussy’s notes btw.. hihihi… til then! Ciao and stay alert!

  2. Woofy, Moymoy!
    What teefies???]
    Mine is full of tartar and what-not since Keeper has failed in getting us to open our mouth so she can use her cutey brush. I ain't opening my mouth except to throw some treats inside....

    Woof,life is a drag. I know.

  3. Aki's hooman sister- yes, its alright to use the canine toothpaste. it comes in flavors that dogs love ( poultry and vanilla). Plus, its safe for them to swallow. You can apply it with a toothbrush made for dogs or just a regular baby toothbrush, or what the heck, with your index finger wrap in a cloth or gauze. Apply the toothpaste and scrub happily your dog's teeth. Goodluck!

    Sweepy-Im sure your Keeper loves you, with your tartar and whatnots! We hoomans usually worry about tartars in older doggies. And you are not an oldie, right?


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