Monday, 8 September 2008

Dog products in my wishlist

My brother Moy-Moy is guarding the Garbage Bin( he thinks some kitty is going to steal our property) so I, Trudis will be reporting for blogging duty today.

You've read in one of our old posts that I, Trudis and my siblings had a rough beginning before we were rescued and brought here in Manila. Our poor mother who did not have a home and a family of her own, gave birth right on a cold, wet earth in the vacant lot where the Secretary found us. We were shivering and our tummies grumbling because our mother's milk was not enough for all seven of us. No wonder we had all sorts of problems a growing dog could have: dry and sparse coat, itchy skin, worms, fleas, - of course I'm not including my tongue, the Animal Doctor thinks its part of my charm.

Since the Secretary said we can already make our Christmas wish list this early, I am including stuff that will help solve my problems and will turn me from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!(at least this is what I heard from the Secretary)

1.Fish oils- This will make my mouth smell like that our cat Pussy( ewww!), but the omega 3 fatty acids found in this type of oil is said to reduce inflammation all through out the body and improve skin and coat condition.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar- The Secretary has used this in her dogs as an after bath spray ( diluted with water) on the skin to sooth irritations.

2. My very own dog shampoo, conditioners and the whole works- Can you believe it? Greenwoods Pet Clinic is scrimping on me and uses left over shampoos and conditioners from their grooming shop (since these are whole sale dog products go figure the cost of my beauty regimen! ). I want products that should work on my itchy and dry skin. I may only be mongrel but I'm on my way to becoming a pretty mongrel.

3. New brushes, combs and towels- Yeah, throw in some while you're at it.

4. My very own sofa bed- With the above, all I need to do is load up on vitamin zzzzz.


  1. hi trudis!

    my manang says, if you'll be a very good doggie, santa might just get you what you want. was your mommy able to tell you about santa? this is my 1st christmas too, so i'm really excited to meet him and see all the goodies in store for moi!

    good luck!

  2. oh my mommy is in iloilo, koykoy and i dont think she knows about that guy santa. the secretary promised to tell me about him,but i should be a good girl first. i have an idea, lets exchange gifts! would you like that? lets tell sweepy!
    me, trudis :)

  3. Oh, what a sad beginning for you and your siblings, but a wonderfully happy ending!! That was such luck the Secretary was able to get you on the plane and home safely like that. It's amazing how things fall into place when you're doing the right thing :)

    PS: Don't forget to ask for some toys for Christmas too!


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