Monday, 25 August 2008

Tongues: Updated

My friend Jozu has a very loooong tongue.

While I, Trudis, am lot more discreet about it.

Update: Here's a picture of our new friend Aki showing off his very long tongue. He reminds me of a...froggy! hehehe

Barking out to Shantee and Sweepy, show your tongues guys!


  1. ALBAR: Nice to see my boy JOZU featured again especially with his rather long tongue. He's the only one in his litter of 7 that has this peculiarity. And he could lick your face at a distance when you think you're safe from his reach.

    My mom finds it rather odd for him to have such a tongue. She even hinted that JOZU might be "signyalan" (an ilonggo term which connotes a "lucky charm").

    My mom should know better. After having had so very many dogs all these years, we have had these long-tongued canines time and again, albeit, they're not really that common.

    Whether one adheres to folkloric beliefs or not, I think dogs are always a charm in one's life, and JOZU's one such. Between him and his father (WARU), he's warmer, gentler and more obedient. Last 21 Aug, he turned 7 months.

  2. hi tito albar! thanks for giving a background about jozu's looooong tongue. i have a very long one too, il post a picture of it someday. it reminds the secretary of her favorite cookie, lengua de gato. hehe

  3. hi there trudis and jozu!

    all this talk about long tongues makes me want to nominate myself.. hihihi..

    I sent a picture of my hansome self and my equal handsome and drooly tongue to your mommy lilli a while ago.. maybe we should ask Sweepy if we can still join the long tongue competition in the Pawlimpics :)


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