Friday, 22 August 2008

The Return of the Come Back Prince

Hiya guys! Did any dog or kitty miss Moy-Moy???? Moy-Moy who? Oh come on now. My online buddy Sherwin ( who is a human) surely did! Yesterday he left a message for me in our C-Box, and so even if today is not a Monday ( and you know what Mondays are for, right?) I am blogging in honor of the only(pout) person in the whole wide world who missed Moy-Moy.

This photo taken from our surveillance camera is so tiny but if you can see my famous tail, you are not mistaken- Its me, peering through our perimeter fence, checking for nefarious elements who will dare cross our borders and tresspass into our territory. They ( they know who they are!) steal our food and leave awful smelling poop in our play ground. Grrr.

I am a very busy guy these days, but if anybody else miss me, please leave a message in our C-box. It will be automatically forwarded to my pager. Im out!

1 comment:

  1. Pager? Those things are still around? hehehe.

    Good to know that you still get that blogging feeling once in a while, Moymoy. But I doubt that I'm the only one missing you. Your multitude of fans wait silently for your posts every Monday!



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