Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sick Puppy

I went on duty as a pet nurse last weekend and was assigned to a puppy being treated for e-coli infection. We've been up all night, rehydrating him at an hourly interval because the Animal Doctor had no luck putting on the drip; the smallest IV needle he got, a gauge 24, couldnt get through the puppy's vein.

Tiny dogs- newly born puppies and the so called teacup variety- are the most challenging patients here at Greenwoods Pet Clinic. According to the Animal Doctor, the intestinal tract of these dogs are longer in proportion to their size. Bacteria and other disease causing organisms create greater havoc in no time, and given the virtual impossibility of administering fluids and medication intravenously, the puppy easily succumbs to the infection and its complications, dehydration topping the list.

I've seen the Animal Doctor work out alternative solutions, like inserting the IV needle underneath the subcutaneous tissues at the back of the dog, till he grows a hump, in which case, the flow of the IV fluid has to be turned off. It can be tedious watching over the dog, turning the IV line on and off, but it gets the much needed fluid back into the dog's system.

In the case of this puppy, I am just using a tuberculin syringe to squirt oral rehydration fluid at the side of his cheek. But it goes out from the puppy's other end almost instantly.

Puppy and I are both exhausted. Its been touch and go during his week long confinement...

...but the ultimate reward for us caregivers, is to see the day when these sick animals spring back on their paws. Cheers!


  1. Oh lookie! She looks like me! Good thing Mommy won't let me have babies, she said they get too small and tedious to take care for. I dunot want to have babehs anywayz! I'm the only baby of this house. ME!!!!!! :D

    How is you Moy-Moy? Mommy and I are busy attending meetings with Blog Awards hoomans in Eastwood lately!

  2. hey pretty shantee we miss your bloggy! i hope you can start posting soon so trudis(moy's sister) can drool over your latest fashion statement.

    your mommy is right, dont try to have babies yet. we hope people will stop breeding tiny doggies like our patient above. he nearly died, you know.

    what is the latest news about the bloggers night award for 2008?? we came across other doggy blogs recently. check our side bar we have an inclusive list of our doggy pals from the philippines. exciting!

    mwuah! - the secretary


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