Sunday, 17 August 2008

Swapping Corner

"Japanese spitz, female plus Chivas Regal/J&B
to swap with Chinese Sharpei"

"Mini Pinscher, female to swap with
appliance/camphone/sonny PSP"

Deedee Marie, the Secretary's dog in Iloilo City

Silly hoomans. My mommi would never swap me for anything, even if her life depends on it!
I wonder what our friends Sweepy and Shantee think about this swapping business.


  1. Hullo, furries!
    It's me again!
    What a thrill!

    And now for your Q. I ain't swapping my Keeper for anything!

    Oh, you mean what I think of hoomans swapping their pets? Yikes! I think these peeps should be hanged upside down and licked to death by all furries!

    Animals are not owned or swapped. Ever. We come to be part of the peeps life as their beloved comforter and friend-for-life.

    What blasting hoomans, those ads!

  2. Sshhh,just between the two of us, Sweepy, every now and then some hoomans would go to our clinic to post ads of puppies for sale. The Animal Doctor can't say no (because he says customers are always right). The secretary says, dog poop! Dogs or any animal should never be treated as commodities. She takes the ads down as soon as the hoomans leave hihihi.


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