Monday, 29 September 2008

Storybooks and Betrayals

Due to persistent public demand, our resident pet Jappy will blog today. Here is his post:

I love Sunday nights because it's our story time. Yeah, what canine would not enjoy listening to beautifully written prose while propped in a sofa, biscuits refilled every five minutes or so- never mind if some dog I know can not remember these stories. But this Sunday, I was problematic.

First of all, I got to choose the book, and I chose Sophia, The Alchemist Dog, because she reminds me a bit of our friend Lorenza.

But, OHMYDOG ( one paw covering my mouth)!

Someone loved the story so much and digested it as well!

I'm thinking at this point, okay? It could be the Secretary's pup- I've seen his fat little paws destroy every piece of property owned by the Secretary and the Animal Doctor.

Or it could be one of the dogs, I had to ask is that word? discreetly.

Jappy: Guys, have you played with a not so ordinary toy lately?
Moy: Huh, my ears are itchy, can't hear ya.
Trudis: What toy?

Perhaps I did not make myself clear.
Moy-Moy, have you been playing with a toy that is not really a toy?

He tried to changed the subject;

While Trudis pretended to be busy chewing her paws.
I really should polish my sleuthing skills, BUT it was too late! The Secretary appeared and saw the dastardly deed committed on her book.

Forget story telling, forget the sofa and the biscuits. All we got last night was a fifteen minute sermon.

I woke up this morning and tinkered with our hidden camera and this is what I found:

Jappy, signing off.


  1. Uh-oh, was that Moy Moy eating the book? Or maybe another doggie posing as him? I think more investigation is in order. That's too bad you didn't get your storytime, but maybe this mystery was more intriguing :)

    T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

  2. hellow Jappy!

    that is just too bad. I agree with T-man's mom. You should urge mommy Secretary to call the Canine Investigation Division for a finger/pawprint match and drool identification tests. I don't really trust these surveillance cams bec these cameras can sometimes play tricks on the hooman's eyes. I say, a proper investigation should be put in order.

    Poor moymoy, someone is deliberately trying to pin the blame on him. I understand how u feel moymoy. I'm a victim of that dratted surveillance cam too.


  3. Uh Oh..

    caught in the act!! hehehe

    Thank you so much for your donation to Nowzad, it is so very much appreciated. I just got word yesterday that they have managed to get three more pups safely to the Afghan Rescue!! I will be posting the story and some pictures once Pen has had a chance to sleep (He was up till 4.30am negotiating the transport and arranging the rescue!!)

    Thank you again, it means a lot!

    Ben xxxx

  4. I thought you all seemed innocent and then.... the evidence is there!
    Was it tasty??
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Woofy!
    What evidence?
    Who was caught with what?
    Am I missing something?
    Oh, the book.
    I passed by
    and tasted it.
    The story is good
    but the book is blah.
    Drooly out.


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