Sunday, 29 November 2009


This is Jao. My brothers and sisters babysat for him some weeks ago because his dog house was being renovated.

Of course, there was the usual introduction...

But it wasn't long before Jao made himself at home. I watched from our kitchen door while he played- quite wildly- with my siblings.

My brother Moymoy showed him his signature move.
Jao: Dog, don't you get dizzy running after your tail like that??

While my sister Pussy wowed our guest with her musical ability using only a piece of wood.

Today, I was surprised when I saw Moy enter the kitchen with an envelope in his mouth. What is that, Moy? I asked because the Nanny had just given me a boxful of paper to shred. Moy laughed and told me that inside the envelope is the money they earned babysitting Jao. They wanted to donate it for my wheelchair.

I was teary eyed especially when I read their dedication, because I realized that my brothers and sisters love me after all.

We received three more donations this weekend, from a lady named Pam in the US and from two ladies in Mandaluyong ( Did you tell them about me, Charlie?). YAY!
(Secretary's note:As of this posting, Scarlet has accumulated a net of $1041.06 as her Wheelchair Fund, including the 500$ pledge from LLL. This means that she is $158.94 away from fulfilling her Wheely Dream! With the funding for the wheelchair almost secured, the one last thing we have to worry about is the shipping charges because we know it will cost an arm and leg. But like we always say, when there's "wheel", there's a way!)


  1. Hi, Scarlet!
    Yes! Yes!
    You are very close to the amounth you need for your wheely!
    Your siblings are very nice donating too what they earned babysitting Jao!
    Moymoy sure has interesting moves!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hi Scarlet!
    That's really so sweet of your sibs to help out. Hang in there. Mommy is heading over the money center tomorrow to send some help too. We truly support your dream and we would be soooo happy to see you get those wheels really soon. Who knows we could meet you one day soon. Happy Christmas in advance.

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet

  3. You are getting so close! My heart is happy today. :)
    I sure hope it was his tail that Moymoy was chasing. ;)

  4. Jao is SOOOOO cute! Even the cat looks good!! Does she do requests? A bit of Miles Davies for Jasper, please!

    And hey - Moy-Moy - make the most of those moves, son... I used to be able to do that once upon a time... To be honest, I still can - but I need a bit of a lie-down afterwards, hehehe....!

    LOVE to you all,
    R & Jasper xxxx

  5. Wow so many dogs! Good luck with the fund-raising for Scarlet.


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