Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Good-bye, Hana

Our eskie friend, Hana has passed away unexpectedly due to an aggressive form of cancer. We are still in disbelief. We may not be the bestest of friends, but Hana always made sure to visit our blog whenever she can and leave comments that are sure to brighten up our day.

Her passing touches an emotional cord in all of us who love animals. It reminds us how fragile this earthly bond we have...for all its wonder and beauty we forget that it can be broken.

As a tribute to Hana, I will spend a quite night with my dogs tonight and give each of them an extra hug.


  1. I will miss Hana. She was one of my first friends.


  2. I am so sad to know about Hana.
    She was one of my first friends.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with her mom and dad.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Thank you for posting a good-bye to our lovely little Hana Dog. We will miss our little girl. She was the bestest dog in the whole world.

    We would like to send you a little something in remembrance of Hana. Would you send me your address?

    ~ Hana's Mom

    p.s. Wow, I don't believe this. The word verification is "suffer"

  4. You can email us at jkblosch at yahoo dot com

    This is our "fake" public email address that we use when we post things the public can see.

  5. Sad to know this. My pet's siblings recently died also. They never made it past 4 months because the new respective owners did not bother with vaccinations or visits to the vet. I did and I still am doing so. Thank God Lancaster is now more than 4 months and kickin'!


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