Friday, 27 November 2009

Full of Thanks

Last night, my Mom/Secretary took my measurements which she'll submit to Eddie's Wheels, the people who will be making my wheelchair in the US. She gathered her measuring tape, yardstick, home made caliper, visual guides for measuring, and called three(!) hoomans to assist her.

It needed three pairs of hands to hoist me up in a standing position, where I will be measured. I was embarrassed when the hoomans told Mom to hurry up because I was kinda heavy.

Mom had to double and triple check my measurements. There are parts of the wheels which are non adjustable. It would be difficult, next to impossible, to send the wheelchair back to the US if it does not fit me.

Mom thought the visual guide looked very easy to follow.

photo taken from the website of Eddie's Wheels

But not so if your legs look as bad as mine. Mom will have to ask Eddie's how to take measurements if my legs permanently splayed like this.

On top of it, I could not keep still. I am too excited.

We don't have a Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines, but I want to celebrate anyway because my heart is overflowing with thanks. Donations to my wheelchair are trickling in day by day, most of these came from people who did not even know me until they read my story in the blogs of my DWB friends.

I am thankful to these kind strangers-now my friends, and to my dog and kitty pals, to Labrador Life Line organization, Eddie's Wheels- to ALL OF YOU - who believed that my Wheely Dreams could come true.

Our friend Lorenza in Mexico celebrated Thanksgiving by remembering the day she was adopted. I thought it was a very nice idea so I gathered all my doggy siblings so we could silently commemorate our own adoption and be thankful about it.

We have come along way since our long faces.

( from left to right: Trudis, Bambi, me Scarlet, Woody, Moymoy and Jappy)


  1. Hi, Scarlet!
    I hope you get more and more donations soon!
    I know your mom is going to be very careful measuring you so your wheelchair will be perfect for you!
    All those pictures speak by themselves!
    You all look very happy!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Happy Happy Joy Joy! I can not wait to see pictures of you in your Wheelchair! Human Granny has many tears of Joy too!
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3


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