Friday, 13 November 2009

Please help our Little Scarlet get a wheelchair

If there's "wheel", there's a way!

I am very lucky to have been adopted in spite of my handicap. My Mom( the Secretary) does everything in her power to make my life as comfortable as possible. But in her heart, she knows how crushed I must feel in not being able to do what I was born to do~ to run and play.

One day, my Mom decided that she will not let my invisible chain pin me down on the floor for the rest of my life. She is going to help me get a wheel chair.

A company in the United States can custom build a full quad cart for me at around US$1,300 excluding shipping cost.

I have applied with a non profit organization but only for a maximum funding of US$500( if I get lucky) so I still need to raise US$800 or more. Our new friend Scout and Freyja suggested that we put up a PayPal donation button for our friends, acquaintances and even strangers who might want to help make my dreams of a wheelchair come true.

Because we have been taught to not only take, the Animal Doctor will match donations over $50 with veterinary services in the donor's name for the benefit of less fortunate dogs and cats in our community in the Philippines. I will be sharing your kindness and generosity to these dogs as well.

Thank you so much in advance. The Secretary-er-Mom ( I am still getting use to the idea) promised to devote our blog for my fund raising project until we have gathered the required funds for the wheelchair. So please, do come back for an update.

More about my Wheely Dream


  1. Hi Ms. Secretary! Can i repost your blogs about scarlet? Maybe i can help you spread the word...

  2. yes please feel free to repost. it would help a lot. and do tell us your name so we can also visit your blog. thanks!

  3. Sure, please count me in, please put up the Pay Pal button.
    Scarlet deserves a good quality of life just like the rest of us!
    Love ya!

  4. Hi The Secretary and Scarlet,
    Puggle Ariel here in Chicago IL USA. We are so touched by your story and want to help. So I am posting a Special Story and linking to your post about the Wheelchair Wish.
    Much Love and Luck!
    Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

  5. We want to help too!
    I am sure Scarlet will have her wheelchair soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hi Ms. Secretary its me again... Im Sundae, i have an online petstore ( If you have link for paypal donations you can email me @ Thanks! Goodluck to scarlet... Shes so lucky to have you...

  7. Hiya Doc, Secretary and All your furry family! First off, we are so sorry to hear of the passing of Hana. Ruth's second dog Tess passed from an agressive cancer after a brave fight (of Tess's choosing)of 2½ years, aged only 7. They are together now, Hana and Tess, and pain-free. We've no doubt you did all you could for Hana - no-one could have done more.

    When we get our next paypacket, we will send some funds to aid the purchase of beautiful Scarlet's chariot. And if we win the lottery, we'll buy it outright for her. Maybe you could have an online ebay auction to raise more funds as well?

    Some five years ago, we were on holiday in another part of England (our favourite place ever, Dartmoor). Stopping in a small village for some lunch, a local lady was walking her dogs and stopped for a friendly chat. She had a Jack-Russell and two young border collies, one of which had no back legs (after a car accident) and had been fitted with the "doggy wheelchair". I was intrigued. The lady said that it had taken a while for the dog to get used to the wheels but now, there was no stopping him! And, let me tell you, that chap with his wheels had no difficulty in keeping up with his littermate and the young Jack-Russell. The three of them scampered around the village green with Jasper like mad things! The lady said that the dog was unclipped from his wheels when he went to bed at night. He was certainly a very happy fellow.

    So it will be money well-spent. Look out world... Scarlet is COMING!!!

    God bless,

    Ruth & Jasper xxx

  8. I have been sharing your story with friends on Facebook. I don't know if it's helping, but I'll keep at it...


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