Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Dogs

Our friend Lorenza wanted to see our christmas tree, so here it is:

There are no gifts for us underneath the tree, because here they are:

( drum roll please)




HUWAAAAT? Moy spluttered and Jappy blinked in disbelief. "B-but those are real puppies, not toys!"

These puppies belong to our neighbors who did not want them in the first place but did nothing to prevent their dogs from making puppies. They already gave Bambi away but I guess her suppawsedly new family did not want her either. Aki and Shelly guessed correctly, these three little puppies are going to live in our house until we find a family who will really want them. Some hoomans might have treated them badly in the past because the pups scurry to their hiding place whenever hoomans try to approach them.

The Secretary told us about Christmas during our last sunday story time. She likened the three puppies to the Three Kings. Woody, Bambi and Blaze came to our house to present us with gifts:

an opportunity to show


to another living being.

Christmas is a time for gift giving, and some people think dogs make good gifts. Not so! This misconception is often the cause of misery and sadness to a lot of pet animals. For once, my nitwit brothers said something right. These puppies are not toys. They are live animals that have needs 24/7. They are not stuffies that hoomans can throw away or keep in a box when they outgrow their puppy cuteness or when they no longer fit the hoomans schedule or life plan.

This season, puppy millers are scrambling on their feet, getting their dogs mated without much thought; pet shops abound with animals in various sizes and shapes. Before you even begin to ask how much is that doggie in the window, please please please think of the thousands of homeless dogs in the street or in shelters hoping for some warmth and forever love this Christmas. Please think twice if you really need to buy a dog or if the person you'll be giving it to is prepared for the big responsibility.

By adoption, not only will there be one less unwanted dog in this world, but another person makes a stand against the indiscriminate breeding of animals solely for money.

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  1. They are going to be happy at your home!
    Poor doggies! They deserve a good life. I am sure you will find lovely forever homes for them!
    I like your tree!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Trudis your tree is just precious! And so are your new pups. I know you are going to find wonderful homes for these pups.

    You are WONDERFUL Trudis!


  3. Mindless breeding drives mommy out of her skin. People just don't understand that there are LIVES in the mix and they take it all for granted.

    Good for you for saving those poor pups. I'm sure they'll blossom into incredible dogs. They sure are adorable!

  4. Oh, you are so wonderful to take in 3 new puppies until they are able to find a permanent home.

  5. Your tree is lovely.

    Those pups are adorable, how can people be so cruel and heartless. It makes you very mad.

    Good luck finding them all great homes.


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