Sunday, 14 December 2008


The Animal Doctor plead self defense.

The rat, which was bigger than a new born pup, had been claiming a stake in our house and our food supply. I caught up with him one night when he knocked over a tumbler in the kitchen. The rodent was clearly not amenable to negotiation because instead of escaping through the open door, he came charging at me like a demented assailant. I was screaming and jumping from one couch to another ( but managed to shoot with my cam anyway) until the Animal Doctor delivered the lethal blow on his head.

It was a good thing that the dogs slept through the mayhem, but I feel horrible that a bloodshed had to end my stand off with the rodent.


  1. Yipes! Mom once had a pet parrot when she lived in Boston who would feed the mice all winter long. She would cheep and the mice would come running from their hiding places and then she'd toss bird food out of the cage for them! Friendly bird but naughty mice!

    We had to catch those and toss them out into the snow. Poor micies...

  2. Mice are not nice! They make my mom run away everytime she sees one!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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