Friday, 5 December 2008

Once Upon A C-A-T

Today, I, Trudis, will tell you the story of Pussy O' Woosie. First of all she is not a dog, but the Secretary said that we are sisters by "default" . Hmmm, I do not know what that means, (All four leggeds in the house must look after each other like family-Secretary) but I said, Pussy, you can be my sissy as long as you don't steal my bone, okay?

Pussy came to Greenwoods Pet Clinic long before any of us dogs did. It was during the first few days of the clinic's operation when an office staff found her. She was just a tiny kitten then with an eye infection. The Animal Doctor thought she needed treatment; the Secretary thought she needed a home.

Back then, the Animal Doctor and the Secretary were living in a small room inside the clinic. There wasn't much space. Pussy had to live inside a prison house because the hoomans were afraid she'd escape to play with the other cats outside, then pick up a disease or worse, get herself killed.

This is where Pussy made poopies inside her prison house. (I find the litter box a great aid in potty training cats if you don't have a garden or a backyard.- the Secretary)

Being cooped up like that made Pussy a little crazy especially during her scheduled play time outside her prison. She tore around the clinic and destroyed everything in her path, especially the bags of pet food that the hoomans sell in the clinic. It got worst when Pussy reached puberty and she really, really, really wanted to go out and date with boy cats. The Secretary was afraid of this because Pussy would then make kittens and the hoomans would end up taking care of more animals than they could afford.

The Animal Doctor knew of a way to stop Pussy from making any kittens, and that is by removing her girl bits. OMD! I am scared because I am a girl too, and that means....

? ? ?

Okay, I will not talk about it now, I will finish Pussy's story. She survived the operation but it took a week before she was able to get back on her four paws and resumed with her destruCATion. Around that time, the hoomans found a real house near the clinic and relocated Pussy with them. It was a perfect time to buy a real house because we doggies had arrived!

In our real house, Pussy is queen of the manor. She has no play time because anytime is her play time. She lounges in the roof, in the front yard, on top of the cabinet, or on top of the stove. I think she loves our house because she never leaves even if cats outside call her name. Oh, I think she loves to play with us more.


  1. Hi, Trudis!
    Glad to hear from you again!
    Thanks for sharing Pussy's story. Sure is interesting to live with her!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. We missed you guys. how are you trudis? manang said you looked really pretty on pawson.. and huge, too (i mean that in a good way *wink*).

    loved to hear pussy's story. she is one funny cat and we are so glad that you are all going along smoothly.

    Take care and hope to read from you again.

    drooly kisses,


  3. Aww, it sounds like Pussy has a great life now. She is a cutie. :-)


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