Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Mission

My real siblings Benji and Wacky are having a howling time in our house. Benji reached her target weight and compared to before, she really is much happier and livelier these days. She's no longer taking those yucky pills and is allowed to eat regular food. The Animal Doctor stole a bit of her blood yesterday to check if her kidneys will be fine with this arrangement, and the kidneys said yes! My brother, Wacky, on the other paw, will be neutered today. Thank God, he has no other major health issues.

I am a bit very sad because the Secretary told me that Benji and Wacky are going home to their adoptive moms this Sunday. Benji's Mom already visited our house and told Benji to come home. Wacky's Mom promised that she will sort her personal problems so she could take better care of my brother.

The Secretary is sad too, she hugged me and made me understand that we have to let Benji and Wacky go home because we have a new job to do.

~ It is~

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  1. aw Trudis, don't be sad. Your adoprive brothers, Moymoy and Jappy and sisters Pussy and Scarlet are still there. Plus, you'll always have the Animal Doctor and Mommi Secretary.

    Benji and Wacky will visit you often too, so cheer up, okay?

    drooly kisses,



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