Thursday, 18 December 2008

I just want to show you the gifts that we gave to our top fifty clients. We wanted to give every dog a gift but we just could not bake that many cookies.


  1. Oh neato! Are those the cookies you guys baked? Too bad you aren't my vet, then maybe I'd get some of your cookies.

  2. Oh yeah, I wanted to say before I used to choke a little on chewy parts or I'd be too aggressive when my Mom would take my chewie back. So, chewies were banned from the house. Of course, because my teeth weren't getting cleaned from chewies, if I was given a chewie, I'd start to bleed! But, my Mom has slowly introduced them back to me, and 9 times out of 10 she will hold it for me and for some reason I don't get aggressive when she holds it. And, now my teeth aren't bleeding anymore from chewing them. So, chewies are allowed in the house once again.

  3. hana, yes those are the cookies we baked last time.

    by the way, i tried giving chewies to my dogs in Iloilo but it made their liver sick (we found their elevated SGPT values through routine blood test. the chewies were the only new items I introduced to them at that time). i searched for new dental products and chanced upon Petzlife Oral Care Gel in the internet, but Casper told me he got lethargic using it and so he stopped. I will have to see if this product will suit my dogs.

    :) the secretary

  4. I'd love to be your client. My vet is nice but he does not give me anything!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. We will love to be your friends ! Do link us up ! We have linked you up (:

  6. Wow, that is a lovely thing to do.
    Your clients are very lucky to have you as their vet.

  7. Care to share the recipe for the chewies? :) Would love to try them on my babies but we are too far away from where you are!


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