Saturday, 13 December 2008


I have developed an obsession with towels. It started when our decision to offer grooming services at the Pet Clinic drove me to a relentless search for good quality towels at dirt cheap price. Because these towels do not really last long with the constant washing and bleaching, my obsession became insatiable. Its as if my brain is wired with a homing device that sends me straight to the towel section of every mall and department store. Banners and placards announcing 50% off discount equally seduce me to rummage through the mountain of towels on sale. Its crazy. Soon I started giving towels as gifts too.

My latest find is a Microtowel which is made of microfiber. It is highly absorbent and has a luxurious feel even at a ridiculously low price 0f P100 ( about 2$). I bought a set for our grooming services and another for use by our patients at the confinement section. I think the sick animals would feel better cuddled to something warm and fluffy.

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  1. hey! isnt this in Trudis' christmas list mommi? Maybe Trudis was telepathically relaying messages to you.. hehe..

    and yes, I think I may be a sea creature in my past life. or my father was one (since we never saw him). eitherway i'm glad i get to go quell my thirst for a good swim.

    hope you can join us (sunday before jan 12 or after)-- manang was supposed to surprise me with another beach visit but a certain 'putot' girl squealed! BOL!

    drooly kisses,



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